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Different Kinds of Body Piercing Jewelry

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There has been a great revival of popularity of body piercing jewelry in the last three decades. After staying in relative obscurity, body piercing came back into popularity in the 70s and it is ever increasing. There are different types of body jewelry available. The most popular kinds of body piercing jewelry are ear and nose ring, the belly and tongue ring. However these body piercing jewelries are not anything new. They have been present since thousands of years.

History relates that the Aztecs, the Haida, Kwkiutul, Mayas of Central America and the Tlinglit tribes in the American Northwest did body piercing due to customary reasons. It was in most cases, used as a form of self sacrifice to serve various spiritual purposes.

However, in the present times, various forms of body jewelries are in existence. They are used as means of self expression. Earlier it was only nose rings and ear rings that were mostly in vogue but with the changing times belly button rings have become the latest craze.

Apart from the common kinds of body piercing there are some unusual forms of piercing, which are popular among people of various age groups. These are arm piercing, nipple piercing, eye piercing, genital piercing, and so on. Most of these piercing are, however, considered to be quite bold in terms of making a style statement.

Usually the jewelry used in body piercing, is made from various kinds of metals. Surgical steel is quite common among them. Tongue piercings are often done with a longer barbell to allow for swelling during the process of healing. After the tongue is fully healed, many wearers switch to a smaller ring for everyday use.

Eyebrow piercing is another popular form of body piercing and the jewelry mostly used is eyebrow studs or rings. It is more popular among men then women. Breast piercing, though relatively uncommon, is done on either one breast or on both and is considered fashionable among many teenage girls. Lip piercing is also in vogue and is increasing in popularity especially with a number of celebrities and TV personalities going for it.

With various forms of piercing in fashion, the wholesale body jewelry shops are making huge profits by selling different kinds of body jewelry. So why don’t you choose your pick from the wide range available?

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