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Piercing: The In thing

Posted in Piercing News at 12:28 am by admin

These days piercing is becoming very popular among the teenagers. It is done on various body parts and some of the popular ones are- tragus earrings, Circular Barbell, captive bead rings and curved barbells. The tragus earrings are wore at the hard section of the ear canal i.e. outside the ear. It is very popular because various types of jewelry can be worn at the tragus. It looks really beautiful and hep.

The circular barbells are a type of jewelry which is twisted to form the shape of a circle with beads at both the ends and it can be wore in any of the body piercing like lip piercing, ear piercing, tragus piercing, etc. It is available in silver, gold, steel, etc. and different styles. So, one can choose the best for himself.

The captive bead rings are also very popular because it is easy to wear and easy to remove. Also, it stays tight on the piercing and does not fall off easily. The curved barbells are also very popular and it is mostly used for belly piercing and Eyebrow Piercings.

Piercing has been very popular since the early era, especially, nose piercing and ear piercing.  Some people pierce for social or religious reasons as well. But, youngsters prefer piercing for aesthetic value or as a means to express themselves. Some people also do body piercing to look good or follow their idol. But, whatever may be the reason for piercing, it is one of the latest trends to look cool and happening.

So, don’t wait and get yourself pierced at your favorite body part.

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