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Nose Piercing In Bangalore—

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Are you envious of your friend showing off her attractive nose ring and want to pierce your nose too as soon as possible. If you live in Bangalore India and wondering where you should go for this procedure, then look no further. One of the best nose piercing Bangalore/Bengaluru clinics is here right in your city. AMP clinic, founded by Dr. Patil has been offering nose piercing services for years.

Most of us tend to take the riskier option and pierce our nose with a beautician or a novice at the jewelry showroom. Little do we realize: how we expose our sensitive and delicate body parts to a range of infections that arise due to undue exposure of blood during the piercing process?

Only a qualified medical professional will realize the serious nature of this issue and will follow the most hygienic and clean procedure using sterile instruments.

Today, nose piercing Bangalore/Bengaluru India clinic is full of trusting people including women, men and small children who come there to pierce different parts of their bodies and make a strong style statement. The AMP clinic has staff directly trained by Dr. Patil who has 30 years of rich experience in this field. The clinic offers hygienic piercing in the most sterile environment using state-of-art equipments.

This revolutionary piercing procedure was invented by Dr. Patil in the year 1980. Guided by Dr. Patil, staff at his hospital provide committed, reliable and trusted nose piercing service with minimal pain for patients. The procedure itself lasts for just ten minutes and is administered with great care and precision.

Nose piercing in Bangalore/Bengaluru is a simple process now. All you have to do is walk into Dr. Patil’s clinic and actually enjoy your nose piercing experience. Choose from a range of 18 carat gold plated attractive nose rings that are packed under sterile and hygienic conditions.

The piercing equipment developed and fine tuned by Dr. Patil holds a 20 gauge piercing ring that is straight and thin. These rings are loaded to the piercing gun’s receiving tube. The holder is where the clasp is loaded on to before positioning the exact area on your nose between parts of the instrument.

Before you wink your eyes, the trigger is squeezed and the plunger snaps through your nose lobe in just a few seconds. The clasp is fixed to your nose automatically in the most secure manner with the spring action without any pain.

Just visit AMP clinic for your nose piercing in Bengaluru/Bangalore requirements. Fix an appointment and allow courteous and efficient staff at the clinic to pierce your nose with precision. Just relax and enjoy the safe, hygienic, comfortable and pain free experience.

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