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COD: Modern Warfare2 – Armor Piercing(Veteran & Solo) [tutorial]

Posted in Piercing News at 4:27 am by admin

Here’s a strategy I modified from one I found online. This was done on my PC so i’m not too sure if this’ll work on the ps3 or 360(I’m pretty sure it will though). Key strategy ideas: -weapon to use would be the barret .50 cal -camp at your defenses, if they happen to push you to the 2nd or final line you can work your way through to the first but you wanna be careful about it. -don’t worry about claymores, they’re not very useful here.(in my opinion ’cause of the smoke they make when they explode) -again, check your corners -stay sharp with the last few -finally, control your rate of fire.. Again, if there’re any questions of other videos you would want me to make just leave a comment. (This was requested lemoncrump) p/s: sorry bout the crummy audio and tongue tied-ness, had a rough day. Hope you can still make out what i’m saying! xD

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