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Nose Piercings & timely healing tips

Posted in Piercing News at 12:27 am by admin

The concept of nose piercing is quite an old one. It has been ancient trend for some of the Asian communities and South African tribal people. Lately it has started becoming popular. There could be many reasons of nose piercings like religious rituals or body adornment.

Once you have decided about the piercing it is imperative that the procedure adopted should be safe. The after care of the piercing is to be taken the procedure of piercing is painful, it should be carried out by an experienced person with all the necessary precautions. This would ensure that the piercing heals timely and without any complications. There are few tips that can be followed to ensure timely healing.

?    Keep the piercing absolutely clean by using a good antiseptic like savlon The healing of the piercing depends upon hygiene of the piercing spot.Use of hydrogen peroxide on piercing is discouraged. Any skin allergy is also to be taken care of. The piercing metal may cause some allergic skin sensitivity. Therefore the metal which does not cause any skin sensitivity should be used for the piercings.  

?    Another precaution one has to take after the piercing is not to touch or move the nose piercing frequently. It would help in faster healing. Frequent fondling of the piercing may cause bleeding subsequent to the injury to the nose. This little care would prevent any injury.

?    The pierced skin may swell or become red. Associated pain could make the person tense. One must consult the doctor if any such situation arises. The treatment provided by the doctor is sufficient to take care of the piercing .

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