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sarah gets a surface hip piercing

Posted in Piercing News at 12:30 pm by admin

SKIP TO 2:20 at sin city tattoo shop in vegas. it only hurt when she first stuck the needle in then it basically went like numb. it bled aloooott =D haha. and im sorry for the chub please excuse it. afterwards it hurt to bend and it like stings. i will be doing a weekly update every thursday letting you know how its healing !!!!!!FAQ!!!!!! How much did it cost? $70 bucks each, but its always different depending on where you live/your piercer. Did It hurt? Well no shit… haha actually it didnt hurt me very much, it went hot then numb. But everyone experiences things differently Do they heal? As far as Ive heard, no. sooo yea. Do you still have them? As of August 2010 yes. I dont know when the hell your watching this so Idk if I still at the moment that you are reading this have them. But Im tiered of responding to that question so idk. But as of now its been about 2 years. Do you recomend getting them? Well, if you dont mind a piercing that never heals, gets clipped a lot by clothes/towels/whatever the hell, if you can handle the possible chance of infection, if you dont mind the scars, GO FOR IT. What kind of bar do you think is best to have put in? Well Im not a professional so I really dont know. Do your research. figure it out. I got the staple shaped bars. Seems to be working okay. How do you clean them? I did a video on this, go find it and keep in mind I didnt measure anything for the video but you should. If I recall correctly I say how much of everything I was

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