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Body Piercing Essentials

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Since piercing is creating a small opening on the skin of a person there are health factors that must be taken into consideration. The healing of the body is not the same for every person. So keep in mind that your piercing might heal longer than your friends who have their skin pierced. If this happens, do not worry.

Piercing Preparations

The first thing that you have to find in preparation for your piercing is the piercer. Although there are available do-it-yourself piercing jewelry and piercing guns in the market, first timer should consider their piercing done by someone who is trained to do the job.  Often, jewelry stores have a trained jewelry piercer who can do the job. In countries like United States, they have an association of piercer who certifies professional piercer that is allowed to do the job. The association provides a certificate that has expiration on it.

In a jewelry shop, you can watch for signs of cleanliness by observing their walls and flooring. If the room is clean. You can also check with your local health department if the place has the license to operate. If everything seems in order, the final check for getting ahead with the store of your choice to do the piercing is your intuition: do you feel comfortable with the place? Do you have any hesitations? If none, then you can proceed with the piercing.

If you finally think that you found your jewelry store that will do the procedure for you, it is the time to check for jewelry that will be used in piercing. Ensure that you do not have any health issues such as heart related diseases that might endanger you during the piercing. Allergies on certain chemicals must be checked first, as well since your skin will be in contact with an object that is composed of metals that might have been treated with chemicals. Ask your doctor if you have any allergies with gold, titanium, silver, platinum and glass. If there are no problems, you can finally choose your jewelry.

Piercing Aftercare

After the procedure was done, the healing process requires care on your part. There are available saline solutions that you have to purchase for your piercing. This is used instead of the usual cleaning solutions for wounds. Due to the nature of the wound, piercing should not be cleaned with materials that can cause snags hence you must avoid towels and other similar texture of materials.

Your diet dictates how long your skin will heal, so maintain a healthy diet. Use mild liquid soap. Avoid alcohol, and other harsh solutions that can damage cells. The piercer usually provides a list of cleaning materials that you have to use during the healing process. Ask for the document before you get pierced. Sometimes, this material is a good indicator if the piercer is a good one or not.
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