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Growing fashion trends of Piercing Jewelry

Posted in Piercing News at 8:27 pm by admin

Few years back, body piercing was restricted to those who are adventures and want to experience different fashion. Unlike today, it was also limited to body some body parts. With time the trends have changed and body piercing has emerged as a new fashion trend with piercing on lips, eyebrows, tongue and navel. Besides this, cheeks are also pierced using labrets these days.

Ear piercing was on the top charts of body piercing and so does the earrings. Moreover, due to the increasing popularity, naval rings, nipple rings have grown in demand. Other types of piercing jewelry include nose rings, tongue rings, belly rings, labret studs, captive bead rings and many more.

However, in body piercing, the kind of metal used plays an important role. This assists us in determining the success of the body piercing jewelry. Generally, a metal do not react with the skin. Titanium or the sterling silver or gold possess the minimum reaction chances when they come in contact with skin and there are chances of infection as well. While the metals like nickel or copper should be completely avoided.

Undoubtedly, piercing of the body is safe when it is done by professional piercer as the part of a body is damages in case it is not done properly. Home piercing kits must be ignored as it is dangerous to do it yourself. Also, you may experience very bad pain for some time after you have got the piercing done.

Furthermore, the demand of the body piercing jewelry has increased with the growing demand of body piercing. A small investment in the piercing jewelry business can help you draw great returns. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the opportunity!

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