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Where do I get body piercing done in Bangalore

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Piercing various parts of your body such as ears, nose and eyebrows is a fashion statement today. As these are delicate parts of our body, it is very important to see that you hand over the responsibility of piercing to a qualified professional who will do it with utmost care and under hygienic conditions.

It is a common practice for the sake of convenience to just walk into any jeweller’s shop or a beauty parlour and get your body pierced. Remember, this is a highly risky proposition as it may lead to unwanted infection and unnecessary problems. In fact the risk involved here is much more than just an ordinary infection. As the procedure involves piercing a part of the human body, the blood, if left exposed can lead to serious illnesses including HIV, hepatitis and other harmful virus attacks. In fact, there are several cases of life threatening diseases reported as a side effect of ear, nose and body piercing done by inexperienced jewellers and beauticians. It is therefore in your interest to approach a thorough professional who knows his job for all your piercing requirements.

Professionals also know how exactly to pierce with precision so that you do not have any pain. If you live in Bangalore you must be wondering where do I get body pierced done in Bangalore. Well, if you reside in Bangalore, you are lucky.

Bangalore has one of the most professional, hygienic and well equipped clinics which specialize in body piercing for men

women, children and even small babies. The AMP Medical Centre is run by Dr. Ashok M. Patil who has a vast and rich experience in this field for the past thirty years. If you are looking to pierce your baby’s ears and are scared of any side effects, well you have nothing to worry.

Just walk in with your baby to AMP Medical Centre and watch the team of professionals headed by Dr. Ashok Patil perform an aseptic, hygienic and absolutely painless piercing for your baby. By the time your baby realizes something is happening, his or her ear pierced with precision. This entire procedure takes just about five to ten minutes and therefore does not test the patience of you or your baby.

Medical professionals at the AMP Medical Centre are trained to perform with a skill that belies description. All this is made possible with Dr. Ashok Patil’s thirty years of vast and rich experience. Dr. Patil who now serves as the Director and consultant physician of the AMP pioneered this unique body piercing procedure way back in 1980. He introduced a revolutionary device to the medical fraternity in India. His dedicated and committed team not only specializes in this procedure but also ensure a diligent follow up showing their sincere care for the patients. This is one of the main reasons for their hundred percent success rate.

The AMP clinic has a wide range of jewellery studs you can choose from. These are manufactured from 18 carat gold and come in attractive designs. Isn’t this enough reason for you to get your body piercing done at the AMP Centre? You no longer need to wonder where do I get body piercing done in Bangalore

You have one of the best facilities offering a reliable and committed service with state of art equipment. Hand over all your body pierced  responsibilities to Dr. Patil. He and his dedicated team will take care of the rest. For more information,
Dr. Ashok M. Patil can be contacted at –
The AMP Medical Centre,
Embassy Palace,
Near Back Gate of Le Meridien,
#1, Cunningham Road,
Bangalore – 560 052
You can call him for appointments at –
91+80+98455 43015,
91+80+93438 26182
Or simply send him an Email at:

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