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Modern Warfare 2: Spec Ops – Armor Piercing Veteran Guide [PC]

Posted in Piercing News at 8:27 am by admin

Visit My Gamers™ – Category Echo Mission Type: Elimination Recommended Participant Count: 1 or 2 Difficulty: 3/5 Completed on: Veteran (Solo) This op is a lot easier with a friend as you can take down Juggernauts twice as fast and two people can take down a Juggernaut who happens to get within close quarters. Not really much to say, I did cut out the parts of the video where I was waiting for the Juggernauts to appear. I did record the times it took for Juggernauts to appear between the last one dying, but don’t take these times as official or accurate as it will differ for everyone. It’s mainly to give you an idea of when they can appear. ————————————————————- I donot own any copyrights to Modern Warfare 2, Steam or any other relevant item shown in this video. They are property of their respective owners. No other infringements are intended or to be inferred to.

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