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My sister fainting while getting her nose pierced!

Posted in Piercing News at 5:29 am by admin

Well, my sister can hardly hear the word “blood” and she faints. So, you can just imagine how hard it was for her to get her nose pierced. Everything was fine untill the piercer put the needle through her nose and Katie says “Ok, I’m gonna faint” Then the piercer keeps saying, “Oh my goodness…oh my goodness”, “Can you help me, idk what to do” To me…haha It was quite funnnnnnnny! Watch my sister’s eyes. Thats the best! Lmao. I had to sister…You thought it was funny too! 😉 Love ya! *******But dont worry, I got my nose pierced about 2 weeks before her…and I didnt faint…not everybody faints, so if you’re going to get your nose pierced, dont let this worry you please! And, I suggest getting it done with a needle and a tattoo parlour, NOT A gun…much safer, and wont have the risk of getting an infection. But everyone is different, so you never know. And good luck if you are getting one done!******* If you watch this, PLEASEEEEE please subscribe to me! 🙂 Or add me as a friend. Thanks!!!

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