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Amy’s Dermal Anchor Piercing – part one

Posted in Piercing News at 4:28 am by admin

December 1st, 2010-Bridgett and I were in Salem getting our side tattoos by Ty @ Tattoo Asylum (Check Em Out!) and I decided that I would also get the dermal anchor on my chest that I had been wanting so badly, since their piercer Star offered it at such a competitive price, and I had heard great things about her. I was SO SCARED I made Ty hold my hand – and the initial dermal punch wasnt that bad, but apparently, whether it was my skin or the jewelry, it wasnt working well. It took almost a full 15 minutes to get it in! OUCH!!! But Ty held my hand and didnt pass out, and I survived and I love it! So, here is PART ONE!

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