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“Deidara” Getting His Navel Pierced

Posted in Piercing News at 10:28 pm by admin

I’m totally not in cosplay, I wanted to but thats beside the point. BEFORE YOU COMMENT AND ASK ME THIS… because I know you’ll ask this. Did it hurt? Answer: all piercings hurt, the proper question is, how much did it hurt? It didn’t hurt that much at all. When he first put the clamps on I couldn’t feel it, when he put the needle in I didn’t feel it at first, then there was about two seconds of sharp pain, when he took the clamps off, I thought I was feeling those, when I was actually feeling the needle. After that subsided, and he’d put in the ring that it moved to more of a dull throb. As the night wore on, it only stung when I cleaned it and if I moved wrong. If you wanna know anything else, message me, I’ll reply eventually… D: I get lots of messages. Yeah, anyway, did this on the 11th of November at Rebel Hollywood Tattoos in Columbia, Missouri. My piercer is kick ass, seriously if I get another piercing I’m going to go see him again. His name is Randy, go find him. I actually got this for my 17th birthday which was a month ago, but my family didn’t have the money to do it, so I saved up.

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