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“Kaitola” – Nadan Pattu – Melody Walker

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This is a South Indian folk song, or “Nadan Pattu” I learned in Kerala (near Chengannur) from a folk group. I lost my field recording of the song : ( so I decided to record myself singing it while I still remember. Malayalam is a VERY difficult language (that is why I have a funny look on my face the whole time) but I hope that I did the song justice. This is only two of the verses of the song, but it makes sense nonetheless. The song is a story about an anxious young girl who is putting off her ear-piercing ceremony. Here is the translation of the whole song, as told to me by my Indian voice teacher: There is a pineapple-leaf mat and on that mat there is one para of rice (meaning: it is harvest season) when will your uncles get to see your ear-piercing? Your brothers have filled their bellies with toddy (palm liquor) from the bar when will they get to come? At the time of your ear-piercing – to distract yourself from the pain – look at the green leaves of the rice paddy After your ears are adorned with the Kaitola will your pain be gone yet? Now you look very beautiful Kunyi Chirutheyi girl (that is her name) Thanks to the folk group I learned this song from in Aranmula. Thanks to Santhosh Kumar…my voice teacher at Vijnana Kala Vedi school Thanks to Kerala for loving their folk songs so much

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