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“My Runaway Love” A (Justin Bieber) Love Story c5

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OKAII MY BRO SLIPED ME LIKE WAT FIVE MONSTER ENERGY DRINKS CAUSE WE WERE BORED AND WANTED TO GET HYPER SO NOW WERE HYPERRR LOL *THE STORY* (AT THE PARTY) shanelle’s swimsuit: her piercing: jenny’s swimsuit: her piercing: jenny:great you decided to wear that one today shanelle:*laughs*wats the differecne jenny:just justin might seem to be even more attracted to you shanelle:*laughs*he wont even notice it jenny:Hmm trun around hun shanelle:*truns around and see’s justin and ryan*well hello there Bieber Boy thought you had plans justin:yeah well theres this girl named shanelle who actually changed my mind heard she was going to be in a swim suit which sounded really hot which is shanelle:haha real funny Bieber Boy but my boyfriend james yeah remeber him will be here any sec so stop the flirting justin:oh like you arent liking it shanelle:who is said i wasnt*jumps in the pool* jenny:wow! ryan:*does his handshake with justin* jenny:you guys are so going to be hooking up later justin:yeah i hope she knows that shanelle:*in the pool*wats the probulem Bieber Boy scared of alittle water justin:ha got jokes eh? shanelle:yeah this one is part of it*pulls him in the pool* ryan:say jen jenny:huh? ryan:incomng jenny:wat does that mean? ryan:this*pushes her in the pool then jumps in* jenny:*moves her hair out of her face*i am so going to get you for that ryan:if you can catch me*starts swiming* justin:so you think your

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