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History and evolution of body piercing and body piercing jewelry

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The Bible mentions that body piercing was popular amongst nomadic tribes approximately 2000 years ago. Whereas, at some places like Egypt only people from the royal family could get body piercing done. Various reasons have been associated with different cultures and different castes for getting body piercing. For example, it was a symbol for strength for roman warriors, who had a practical approach towards body piercing. Whereas body piercing jewelry was just a way of beauty enhancement in some other cultures.
In the Medieval times, the art of body piercing was condemned by the masses and was banned by a few communities. But it regained popularity again. People started using body jewelry as a way of showing off their wealth and status by wearing a lot of jewelry and getting body piercings done. About a decade ago, body piercing jewelry was considered to be a symbol for rebellious and hip youth. In the recent times, relevance of body jewelry has changed a lot.

Current Scenarios of body piercing and body piercing jewelry

Interestingly, there are different societal and personal attitudes attached to modern day body piercing and body piercing jewelry in the current times. While ear piercings and nose piercings have been very popular since the ancient times in countries like India etc., The other forms of body piercings had different reasons for coming into being. Mostly, it became a way of enhancing beauty and adorning the body. It soon became a fashion statement amongst youngsters and people saw it as a form of self expression and body art. For some, it became a way of increasing sexual pleasures or for sexual stimulation. Gay men get body piercings done for identification. These days, there are a lot of stores available for body jewelry and body piercing jewelry and several celebrities sport them as well.

Different kinds of body piercing jewelry:

i) Naval Piercing Jewelry
Naval piercing, also known as belly piercing is a very popular form of body piercing. Naval is considered to be very seductive. Increasingly, many women sport interesting belly buttons and belly piercing jewelry to adorn themselves.

ii) Nostril Piercing Jewelry
Nose piercing has been prevalent since ages. Till date, it is a very unique form of body piercing popular amongst youngsters. Stars like Madonna and Lenny Kravitz also sport nostril body piercing and wear piercing jewelry.

iii) Nipple Piercing Jewelry
Nipple piercing has also been in existence since the ancient times. Nowadays too, many people get this form of body piercing done as it enhances sensual stimulations.

iv) Ear Piercing Jewelry
Ear piercing jewelry is the most common and most popular forms of body piercing. Ear piercing is popular all round the world amongst both men and women.

v) Labret Piercing Jewelry
You can sport trendy piercing jewelry on your labret piercing for enhancing beauty. It is very popular form of body piercing in Central America.

vi) Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry
Eyebrow piercing too is also a very popular form of body piercing amongst the youth since a long time. Many celebrities sport it too.

vii) Tongue Piercing Jewelry
This is a very interesting form of body piercing. Celebrities like Janet Jackson and Mel B of Spice Girls wear tongue piercing jewelry.

Materials used for body piercing and body piercing jewelry

In the ancient times materials like wood, metals etc. were used for making body piercing rings, body piercing jewelry etc. These days, there are a variety of materials being used for making body jewelry and body piercing jewelry like semi-precious stones, steel, bronze, silver, titanium, gold, diamonds etc. Stress is laid on quality standards as it is now a very popular fashion statement. Gold and diamonds are increasingly being used for this purpose, as they are a store house of value and are more trendy and elegant at the same time.

Knowledge and after-care

You must be well aware of body piercing procedures, healing process and the after-care in order to enjoy your body piercing.

Also, make sure you get your body piercing done from a professional.

Confirm the quality of your body piercing jewelry before buying it. Make sure you obtain extensive knowledge about the store you are buying your body piercing jewelry from.

Quality standards are of a great deal of importance in body piercing jewelry to avoid any problems in maintaining and after-care of your body piercings and body piercing jewelry. – Unique Gold body Jewelry and Body Piercing Jewelry
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  1. Jennifer Johnson said,

    September 15, 2009 at 10:57 am

    This post is amazing and very interesting for all body piercing lovers, as i have found it the finest one for body art history and yes this is da truth body piercing was in fashion 2000 years ago as well. But am very much confused about their equipment.
    Now a days a professional piercing specialist uses sterile equipment and has access to a top quality autoclave. No infectious agent can survive the treatment that it receives, if it happens to be on any surgical tool that gets put into a quality autoclave machine.

  2. SteeezySea said,

    April 26, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    Very interesting article!! I think, personally, that bodily piercing is an expression of an individual’s teforthetoe, that’s all! It really allows your inner personality to shine without being caught up in the generic conventions of “good looks.” I think it’s a great way to express yourself in an artfull and tastfull way!! 🙂