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Tattoos And Piercings

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Tattoos and piercings are two terms very much in vogue now, with an increasing number of fashionable people opting for these. Tattoos are permanent designs made on the skin using ink or other pigments. Piercing is done with a sterile needle. Ears, nose, lips, eyebrows, and many other body parts are pierced. People practice tattoos and piercing for religious and other cultural reasons, as well as for fashion.

Tattoos and piercing were used as initiation rites and socialization symbols in some early societies. The early Egyptian civilization associated tattooing with fertility and royalty. Tattoo designs are known for their variety and include tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, fairy tattoos, cross tattoos, dragon tattoos, butterfly tattoos, and zodiac tattoos. Ear piercing and the piercing of other body areas have become widespread among both men and women in the last 25 years. Piercings are done either by a spring-loaded ear-piercing gun or piercing needles. The skin is cleaned, and then the needle and jewelry are inserted through the tissue quickly with professional ease.

Tattoos and piercings can cause skin reactions and bacterial infections, if proper hygiene is not observed. Signs and symptoms of infection include warmth, swelling, redness, and a discharge containing pus. The best way to prevent infection from piercing or tattoos is that the procedures should be done in a sterile environment. For each customer, piercers and tattoo artists must use a brand new sterile needle.

Tattoo designs are priced according to the design, size and colors. Piercing charges vary according to the part of the body. Over most of the United States, tattooing and piercing are unregulated. However, there are some states where these are illegal. Henna tattooing is now gaining popularity in America, even though it is a temporary procedure.

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