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Not just for the ear anymore. Students take a stab at individuality

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“You don’t need any more holes in your head!”

Chances are that a lot of the people with a body piercing could say that they have heard this advice before.

But despite this guidance, they go ahead and get something pierced anyway.

In fact, according to a study involving 766 body-pierced college students given by Rutgers University Health Center and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, 69 percent of these students with a piercing got it between the ages of 18 and 22.

This means the majority of students in the survey got their piercing sometime during their years in college, a time when many students acquire a certain sense of freedom and try things that may help express their personality.

For Aaron Leddon, a business major, this meant getting his lip pierced.

“I’ve wanted to do it for about two years now,” said Leddon, 19. “I had some extra money and just decided to do it.”

Leddon said that he likes how it looks and it goes along with his personality. He also said he doesn’t mind what older people may think of his lip ring.

“If they are going to judge me on only that, then I don’t really care,” Leddon said.

Others, like Ashley Rice, 19, a sophomore exploratory major, let the disapproval of a family member lead to the removal of her piercing, which was a lip stud.

“I saw a girl that had it on Facebook and I thought it was really cute, so I literally went and got it done an hour later,” Rice said. “But my older brother didn’t like it and made me take it out.”

Rice said the thing she liked most about it was the fact that not everyone has a lip stud and how it made her just a little bit more unique.

For SRU students who want a piercing, one local piercing shop is Micky’s Tattoo Studio, located on Route 422 in Butler.

Quinn Long, an employee at Micky’s, does most of the piercing and said an average day consists of piercing anywhere from five to 10 people.
“A lot of people come in here nervous but mostly anxious because they really want to have it done,” Long said.

Long said she pierces people of all ages.

Although a popular request for young teens is the belly button, Long said that the nostril is definitely the most common piercing.

This holds true for 19-year-old sophomore biology major Amanda McKenna, who wanted to do something that none of her friends thought she would do: get her nose pierced.

“Some of my friends were surprised, but they really liked it,” McKenna said.

McKenna said she thinks her piercing is a form of self-expression because it is one of her unique qualities.

Self-expression doesn’t always come at a cheap price.

When it comes to the price of a piercing, different body parts have different costs.

For example, getting the nostril pierced costs anywhere from $40 to $60 depending on the jewelry, a lip ring costs $40 to $45 and a labret post (a lip stud) is around $60.

Other examples include an eyebrow piercing, which ranges from $40 to $50, a Monroe (a stud above the lip) for about $60 and a piercing of the tragus (the inner earlobe), which costs about $40 to $50.

Another place a person can get a piercing is their tongue.

Katie Bell, a 20-year-old junior psychology major, did just that, and she paid $50 for it.

“For some reason I just always wanted to get it, so one day I did,” Bell said.

She said that not a lot of people say anything about it because it’s discreet, but if they do notice, they ask if it hurt.

Bell said the hardest part of dealing with her tongue ring was getting used to it.

“I used to bite down on it when I was eating, but I learned how not to,” Bell said. “I really forget that I even have it anymore.”

Although a form of self-expression, getting a body part pierced can be a serious matter, Long said.

“It is a commitment, and you have to take care of it for as long as you have it. Just be sure that you want it.”


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