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The Pierced One

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The Pierced One, originally uploaded by Raminder pal Singh.

A devotee with a metal rod piercing his cheeks takes part in a religious procession in praise of the Hindu goddess Maha Mariamman (Sheetla Mata), in Amritsar city, India. During the event, people get their bodies pierced with different kinds of metal needles and rods and participate in a religious procession. Devotees do this willingly when they get their prayers answered by the Goddess.

I shot this kind of an event for the very first time this month and I was amazed how they manage to do this at first place. The croud goes hysterical, shouting religious slogans on a hot afternoon when you get awe struck to know that about 2 dozen trident rods about 2 meters long each lie on the ground, waiting to pierce the cheeks and backs of the volunteers.

They dance and walk in a procession, barefeet with all the rods and needles pierced through their bodies.


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