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Piercing Care

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In order to prevent an inflammation, your fresh piercing demands for constant ongoing care. During at least two weeks, twice a day minimum, you will have to clean your wound with special liquid disinfectant, up to complete healing will be achieved. Please use only oil-free antiseptic creams, forget about the sauna, pool and solarium, swimming in natural water basins and especially in sea water, because sea water slows the healing process.

Should any complications (such as severe redness, pain, etc.) occur, rush to the dermatologist immediately. Could happen, the doctor will have to remove your ring.

If you have managed without an inflammation, wear first adornment until the wound heals completely. Otherwise, it might easy catch dirt, and this time an inflammation will develop for sure.
No other care products are allowed, except recommended ones, and no other creams should be used but oil-free.

Please refer to the description of the professionally done piercing after-effects provided below:

1) Stable redness, which is expected to go down in 3-4 days;
2) Bleeding can last over some two-three days;
3) Extra sensitivity will bother you for approximately 2 weeks;
4) There will be some discharge of white-yellowish liquid for nearly 2 weeks, which is just normal and good for healing;
5) It could slightly decrease in size.

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