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Crash girl’s warning of piercing danger

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A TEENAGER nearly killed by her belly button piercing said today: “I’m lucky to be alive.”

Jess Collins almost died when her car seatbelt forced the small metal bar though her stomach in a high-speed crash in Germany.

It missed her spine by millimetres and the 19-year-old of Radyr, Cardiff, was left in hospital for more than a week.

Today, she relived the frightening moment her “beautiful” piercing nearly ended her life during a working holiday in Munich.

“We were travelling down the autobahn at quite a high speed when we swerved to avoid another car and spun out of control,” said Jess, who was due to begin a photography course at Coleg Morgannwg, Pontypridd, this month.

“The collision pushed my seatbelt into my stomach and it sent my belly bar propelling through my gut.”

As exclusively revealed by the Echo last month, a paramedic realised Jess, who had the piercing when she was 15, needed urgent treatment and radioed for an air ambulance.

She woke in hospital the next day.

Jess said: “I remember being quite scared. The doctors told me I had been in an accident but I remember thinking, ‘I thought I dreamt that.’”

Her mum Amanda, 37, who had flown to her daughter’s bedside, told Jess complications caused by the belly bar were nearly fatal.

But Jess said today: “I was lying in bed in a lot of pain thinking, ‘This can’t have all been caused by my belly bar.’

“I didn’t understand until it was explained to me with scans and X-rays.”

Jess will be left permanently scarred from the accident and cuts doctors made during a three-hour operation to save her life.

She wants other young girls to be aware of the previously unheard-of danger of a belly piercing.

“I can’t have any solids for a while, especially fruit or vegetables because I can’t digest them properly,” she said.

“But I think they look beautiful on people – as long as they are aware this can happen.”

Doctors gave Jess hospital X-rays and the bar as a souvenir of her ordeal.

She said: “It feels really weird looking at it, it’s so small and harmless and isn’t sharp at all.

“I can’t believe it nearly caused me to lose my life.”


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  1. Russ Basel said,

    June 14, 2008 at 2:21 am

    Interesting usually it is by an infection that our piercing has a problem. Glad to know that she is alive.

  2. hollie said,

    February 28, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    lad to hear you are ok!!:D
    how onearth can something s small do so much damage