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Teenagers asked to team up with State Government

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TEENAGERS will be asked to help the State Government develop laws banning them from getting intimate body piercings.

Parents, body piercers and health workers have also been asked to help shape legislation making it illegal for anyone under 16 to get a navel, tongue or eyebrow piercing without written approval from a parent or guardian.

Operators who pierce a person under 18 in the genitals or chest face fines up to $2000 under laws to be introduced this year.

Acting Premier Rob Hulls will today call for feedback about the laws.

“Our concern is the safety of minors,” Mr Hulls said.

“The possible health implications associated with body piercing can include transmission of blood-borne viruses, scarring and nerve damage.

“We realise that we also need to take into account the complex legal and cultural issues surrounding piercing and tattooing.”

The Government only moved to ban body piercing for teenagers after they were caught flat-footed by the Nationals, who last year introduced a private member’s Bill seeking mandatory parental consent for teenagers wanting to have a body piercing.

Concern about the issue was sparked by a surge in the popularity of piercings and tattoos, including a growing number of schoolchildren with potentially fatal infections from botched nipple, tongue and genital piercings.


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