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New Trend in Body Piercing All the Rage

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New Trend in Body Piercing All the RageThere’s a popular new trend in body piercing. It’s called micro-dermal anchoring and it’s all the rage.

“A micro-dermal piercing, instead of going through two sides of a body part or tissue, it only goes through one part,” says Matthew Marter, a piercer at Club Tattoo in Tempe.

“The backing is underneath the skin, whereas a backing would be normally be on the other side of the ear or inside the nostril or inside of a lip.”

Harter says dermal anchoring has revolutionized the industry and over the past year has become incredibly popular.

“In the last two weeks I think I’ve done 50 of them or so.”

A single micro-dermal piercing will set you back about $50.


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