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Tattoo and piercing shop brings the ink to Lake City

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LAKE CITY — “The first thing you tell a person who has never had a tattoo before is, it hurts,” said Jack Pudwill, owner of LongLeggedPants tattoo parlor.

It hurts some people more than others, Pudwill said.

“Some people are more tolerant to the pain — usually women,” he said. “I’ve seen men pass out from it. Then you have to sit there and wait for them to wake up. It would be nice if we could just keep going and finish the tattoo while they’re out, but we have to wait until they wake up.”

He’s found that women tolerate the pain better, but they are the most likely to change their minds before they’re finished.

“Men will just grit their teeth and follow through to the end, but a lot of women quit when they find out how much it hurts,” he said.

Pudwill has been involved in the business end of this trade for about eight years.

He was part owner in Tattoos by James in Rochester and has his share of tattoos, but is not a tattoo artist.

Bob Cremeans is the artist at LongLeggedPants. Cremeans has been working as a tattoo artist for 10 years.

He is self-taught but holds a valid license.

Cremeans started in a Florida tattoo parlor doing piercings.

“I was hanging around at Shop-a-lot and told them I was a tattoo artist. They shrugged and laughed it off,” Cremeans said.

“Then one of their artists had a family emergency and never came back. They needed someone to cover his appointments so they gave me a chance. They hired me after the first one.”

Cremeans always wanted to be a tattoo artist. In the third grade he stood in front of his class and said, “I want to be a tattoo artist when I grow up.”

“They took me to the office and called my parents,” he said. “But here I am at 29 — a tattoo artist.”

People from all walks of life get tattoos, Pudwill said.

“I’ve had elderly people, even 70-years-old who have never had a tattoo, come in for their first tattoo.”

Pudwill said the first tattoo is always a “should I, or shouldn’t I.” But after the first, they usually come in for a second.

“The majority of people get three or four and are satisfied,” Pudwill said. “For others it almost seems addicting. Some people will eventually cover their entire body.”

LongLeggedPants is Lake City’s first tattoo shop.

Pudwill said he is counting on the high amount of summer traffic — especially bikers.

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