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FORUM: Miami Ink Disappoints; Switching From Ointment to Lotion

Posted in Piercing News at 1:05 pm by admin

Miami Ink Disappoints

“I flew to Florida for vacation & decided to get a tattoo at Miami Ink. On TV they are so nice and jovial. When I walked in they were RUDE?!! I could not believe I just drove three hours to get dumped on! And as I walked around Miami Beach there were much more Talented artist there nicer and about one third the price. I have to say I will never watch Miami Dink again and neither will the people that rode to Miami with me or the people they tell how RUDE they were. Don’t believe what you see .P’s They made a*#es of themselves and they didn’t even try.” – yahoo1963

Switching From Ointment to Lotion

“A year ago I got a tribal shoulder piece. I admit, I got a little ointment crazy and over did it, so it scabbed too much and hence I lost some color. Five days ago, I had the tat extended down my arm to the elbow. I am using Tattoo Goo this time and am VERY happy with the results. Here’s my question: When should I switch from ointment to lotion? Should I do them both at same time? I’ve read WAY too many suggestions, and it’s hard to sort them out…any advice?” – wltdnfaded

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