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Deposit Not Applied Toward Tattoo?

Posted in Piercing News at 1:05 pm by admin

“Has anyone ever heard of leaving a deposit for a tattoo appointment, then not having it be applied towards the cost of the tattoo? My g/f and I just got new tattoos. I went in early in the week, made our appointments and left a $50 deposit. They quoted me a price of $100 per tat.

So this past Saturday we go in and get the tats, when I go to pay, they charge me $200 more. I questioned Eric (the guy who did our tattoos) and he said it is their policy to charge just for a reservation since they are so busy. There wasn’t a single customer in the place at the time.

Just seems weird to me. So be forewarned, if u make an appointment at Tattoo City and leave a “deposit” it’s actually a fee in addition to your tattoo. We do like the tattoos, just feel we were overcharged.” -sharonM45458

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