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My New Vertical Labret Piercing

Posted in Piercing News at 1:05 pm by admin

I’d been wanting a vertical labret piercing for a while and while attending Hell City, I decided that a new piercing would be a great souvenir, so I got it done there.

I absolutely love it and it was probably one of the least painful piercings I’ve ever gotten even though it had quite a lot of flesh to go through! My piercer – James Fern from Division Tattoo – was a sweetheart and a great piercer. Unfortunately, a couple of days ago I lost the ball on the bottom of my jewelry and was disappointed to discover that I had been pierced with an externally threaded barbell. Since most shops have switched to higher quality internally threaded jewelry, I had to go and have the entire barbell replaced rather than just the ball on the end.

BeeJay over at Artistic Skin Designs saved me from my emergency situation and I really learned the difference between external and internal threads that night – I felt every thread of that barbell rip through my skin as he removed it, and yet the internally threaded barbell slid right in and didn’t even need a push. Always insist on internally threaded barbell jewelry!

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