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Turning Prejudice into Acceptance – Props to Josh Todd

Posted in Piercing News at 7:06 pm by admin

While surfing channels the other day, I came across E!’s True Hollywood Story. The show was about rocker wives and one of the women they interviewed was Mitzi Martin, wife of Josh Todd from Buckcherry.

Mitzi was explaining that while she and Todd were dating, her father sat Josh down and said, “I have to be honest; I don’t like the tattoos.” Now, Josh could have told his future father-in-law that his opinion didn’t matter or made some sarcastic remark, but he didn’t. His response? “You know, one day you won’t even see them.” That honest but respectful response won over Mitzi’s father and the entire family.

I love that comment! And he’s absolutely right. After you get to know someone, you look past anything exterior and it’s almost as if those things fade away and all you see is the person underneath. Kudos, Josh!

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