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QOW – Preparing for First Tattoo

Posted in Piercing News at 4:07 pm by admin

I’m going out for my first tattoo in a couple weeks and I have a few questions. I’m getting a 1 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch solid black Triquetra on my ankle. If you could please e-mail me back I would really appreciate it! Here we go:

1. I’m a big girl. Will I have to be in an uncomfortable and weird position for long?

2. Is it OK to take off the bandage for a few minutes and show people after I get it, or does the bandage have to stay put?

3. I’ve heard so many descriptions of what it feels like. I know the ankle is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo, but I really want it there. How long do you think my design would take?

4. Someone told me to drink orange juice before I got a tattoo. Is this a good idea, or are they pulling my leg (so to speak)?


1) It really depends on the type of chair your artist has. If they have those nice massage table things then you shouldn’t be uncomfortable at all. If they just have a dentist style chair you may have to hold your leg a little funny for a bit but if you need to stretch or readjust just tell your artist. It’s their job to accommodate you the best they can. Fortunately because your tattoo will be small, it shouldn’t take very long.

2) Honestly a tattoo that small doesn’t really need a bandage but the law may require your artist to bandage you anyway. But you can go ahead and take it off and leave it off. A larger tattoo tho I would say no- leave the bandage alone for at least 2 hours.

3) The ankle isn’t necessarily more painful but its just weird. Because they will be tattooing near the bone you will probably feel that bone vibrate which is really weird. The tattoo machine vibrates really fast and just barely punctures through the skin. But you will feel a sharp scratching feeling. Not going to say it won’t hurt but it isn’t that bad for 99% of people. Anticipation is always worse! And I would guess your tattoo should only take about half an hour.

4) It certainly won’t hurt to drink orange juice but I’m not sure what reason they have you for doing that. I’m guessing it’s just to keep your blood sugar up. It is important to eat before getting a tattoo because if your blood sugar drops you can pass out. But food is better than juice. Carbs and protein will sustain you longer than a short burst from juice. It will help to take vitamin C and zinc at least a week before and after getting the tat because it will help your body heal.

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