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QOW – Sexually Abused by Tattoo Artist

Posted in Piercing News at 5:07 pm by admin

Question: I just read your article about sexual abuse. A
similar thing happened to me as well, but it was a tattoo. A big one
and the abuse lasted for about 2 hours. I reported it to the police and they have pressed charges against the
man, but I have a question.

The thing that bugs me the most about this whole situation is that I
paid for it. Is there any way I can get any financial reimbursement? I
am 18 years old and my parents don’t know about the tattoo. I haven’t told them about the abuse either.

Also, I really appreciate the article you wrote. Although it was too
late for me when I read it, i know it would have helped greatly if I
had read it then.

Answer: I am really sorry about what happened in your situation. This kind of thing really makes me angry because that is not how most artists behave, but all it takes is one person and one disgusting act to blemish the entire industry. I’m glad to hear that you reported him to the police and pressed charges – that is probably the best course of action you have against him and hopefully he will serve time for it.

As far as financial recourse goes, I’m not a lawyer but I do advise you to contact one. I agree that having to pay for this abuse is just like rubbing salt in a wound. I don’t know how long it’s been since this happened or whether he was a scratcher working out of his home or if this happened in a tattoo shop. These things will matter when it comes to determining whether you have a legal case or not.

I also advise you to talk to your parents about this if you have a good relationship with them and trust them. If it were my daughter, I would certainly want to know and I would do everything within my power to help her recover emotionally and make sure the abuser pays for what he did. You shouldn’t have to go this alone and it will help you to have an adult on your side to help you through it. If not your parents, at least talk to someone you trust that can support you through this process.

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