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In the News – Japanese Water Parks Ban Tattooed Visitors

Posted in Piercing News at 5:07 pm by admin

You think you have it rough because your boss makes you cover up your tattoos at work? You want to cry “discrimination” when your school makes you remove your piercings? Try living in Japan, where you can’t even enter the local gym or water park without hiding your ink.

Although many Japanese people get tattoos simply for decoration, just as in every other country in the world, Japan still takes a very antiquated view of tattoos and still associate them with the Yakuza (Japanese mafia). Gyms require tattoos to be taped or wrapped and public bath houses ban those with the colorful body decoration. And now even amusement parks are blocking anyone trying to enter with exposed tattoos.

I really think it’s high time for Japan to join the 21st century and realize that not everyone wearing a picture on their body is a criminal. The rest of us can appreciate that we still have a lot more freedom to express ourselves with our art, even if we still have to cover up for work.

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