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Forum Discussion: Protecting a New Tattoo From Pet Hair

Posted in Piercing News at 5:07 pm by admin

“I got a new tattoo yesterday (my second) 6 years after my first. Alright, so, I know from reading here that plastic wrap is not good for a new tattoo, but my artist, and all artists in my city (very small country by the way) advise to do that, so I need to ask here. Is it alright to leave my tattoo uncovered? I don’t want it to get infected, but on the other hand, I know that plastic wrap is really bad. The thing is that I have a cat and a dog, who are always inside the house (my dog sleeps outside though), but I have cat and dog fur all over me all the time on my clothes, and I’m used to that, so if I leave it uncovered (it’s on my right shoulder blade), wouldn’t it get contaminated easily? And also what about clothes rubbing it? And my bra strap?
I did cover my tattoo with plastic yesterday after removing the bandage and this morning after showering, so do you think I should remove it and leave it alone?” – Estef

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