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Funny or Offensive?

Posted in Piercing News at 12:07 am by admin

An orthopedic patient awoke from her surgery to find a small heart shaped temporary tattoo on her tummy, just below her panty line. The surgeon says this is a regular thing he does to interject a little humor into a difficult situation and give his patients a reason to smile. The woman, however, was mortified by the “violation” and has sued the doctor for putting the tattoo on her without her permission.

Since my husband just had hip surgery, I asked him what he would have thought if he had awoken to find a temporary tattoo placed on his body near his nether-regions. He said he probably would have seen the humor in it and it wouldn’t have bothered him. I have to say I agree. I think it was a cute gesture and this woman shouldn’t be making such a big deal about it – especially to go so far as sue the guy. This is why the rest of us get lousy doctors who don’t enjoy their jobs anymore. What do you think? Comment below!

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