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Possible Piercing Difficulties and How to Handle Them

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Although most piercings heal well without any major issues, sometimes they can lead to difficult and painful problems. If you’re having a problem you can’t identify or aren’t sure how to fix it, these articles may help you.

Migration and Rejection
If you’ve got a piercing that seems to have moved or shifted or is suddenly causing unexplained pain, it could be a migration or rejection issue. Find out how to determine what’s going on with your piercing and if there is any way to save it.

Infection, Growths, Bumps, Cysts and Keloids
A bump isn’t “just a bump” when it’s growing on or around a piercing. This article can help you identify what is causing the growth and how to deal with it.

Metal Hypersensitivity
If you’ve had your piercing for weeks or months and it just refuses to heal no matter what you do, it could be an allergic reaction to your body jewelry. Learn the differences between the different types of metals used to make body jewelry and find out what might be a better option for you.

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