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QOW – Plastic, Disposable Needles?

Posted in Piercing News at 6:07 pm by admin

Question: Hi there, I have a question or two for you. I have 10 tattoos and they
have all been done by the same person. I am getting my 11th on Friday and
apparently she has switched to disposable needles, and they are
plastic….or something…. I am wondering what the difference is between
metal and plastic, other than the obvious. I was told that it hurts alot
more with a plastic one than with the normal needle. I would appreciate
anything you have for me. Thank you very much!!

Answer: Unless there is some new product out that I’ve never heard of, disposable
needles should still be metal. The disposable grip tubes are lexan
plastic, but not the needles. So, the pain should be no different. Plastic
would not be able to properly pierce the skin – I think someone has given
you some wrong information.

Let me know if I’M wrong! But I’ve never heard of plastic needles for tattooing.

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