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In the News – Two Men Forcibly Removed Victim’s Tattoos with Scissors

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Two Men Removed Victim’s Tattoos with Scissors
SWEDEN – This story is horrifying and confusing at the same time since the victim himself – who is okay after being bandaged up – refuses to cooperate with authorities. Apparently he was drunk when it happened, but two men attacked him and started cutting out his tattoos with a pair of scissors. The relationship between the men and the victim is unknown and the motive for the attack is unknown. All I do know is that would hurt! Ouch!

State Fair Offers First-Ever Tattoo Booth

The Montana State Fair is offering a very new attraction this year – a tattoo booth. Not stick on or henna tattoos – the “real” kind. Due to Montana having new regulation laws, it became possible for the state fair to allow a licensed shop – Mystic Rythms – to set up a booth inside one of their buildings. I admit I was quick to judge, but it appears that the shop owners are taking every precaution, even to the point of setting up access to hot water. Normally I would say this is a very risky idea.

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