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Forum Discussion: Excessive Bleeding During Tattoo

Posted in Piercing News at 8:08 pm by admin

“So I’m doing a portrait/memorial for my parents on my left arm. It is also a cover up of an arm band i got some 12 years ago. We’ve put in around 20 hours so far (plus another 5 or so with the original arm band). The sessions now are getting shorter and shorter as I am bleeding too much, and especially with the portraits my artist doesn’t want to be pushing the blood back in. Anyways, [I’m] looking for some suggestions on what to do here. [I’m] not drinking before the tattoo – no aspirins/blood thinners/drugs – I let the arm heal fully, and have been using a moisturizer – upon my artists advice, been eating jello – read that vitamin k is a natural way to coagulate the blood and green leafy veg like spinach are a good source. None of this is helping! Anyone have advice?” – ghettojoey

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