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QOW – Are Foot Tattoos Feminine?

Posted in Piercing News at 8:08 pm by admin

Question: “I am considering getting a pair of tattoos on my feet; one for Mom and one
for Dad. I already have 2 tattoos so these aren’t a first and I’m sure they wont be a last. My
question is why are they considered feminine? and what is your opinion on this?”

Answer: I’ve never heard that foot tattoos are supposed to be considered feminine. Granted, I think I know more women with foot tattoos than men, but that doesn’t mean they’re actually more feminine – I think it’s just because women enjoy showing off their feet more than men do. But some of the most bad-ass foot tattoos I’ve seen have been on men. As long as the tattoo itself isn’t feminine, it should be fine! Good luck!

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