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Caring for a New Tattoo

Posted in Piercing News at 7:08 pm by admin

You’d think getting a tattoo would be the most difficult part, but sometimes taking care of it afterward is actually the biggest challenge. There’s so many different opinions on what works best and how to treat your ink that it can become very confusing! Why are there so many contradictions when it comes to tattoo aftercare and what really works?

Before you get too frustrated by your options, keep this one thing in mind: your tattoo will more than likely heal just fine, even if you do nothing to it at all except keep it clean. The body knows how to heal itself and usually requires very little help on our part except to prevent the introduction of new bacteria. Aftercare products simply serve to make the healing process a little shorter and a little more comfortable than using nothing at all. When comparing aftercare products, most of them work pretty much the same – people choose what they like based on ingredients, scent, and feel. Since we all like different things, we’re all going to have different favorites when it comes to caring for a tattoo.

The general rules of aftercare are universal, though – keep it clean and keep it from getting dried out. What you choose to use to accomplish that is pretty much up to you, but you can follow these basic aftercare guidelines for some ideas on what to use and how to use them properly.

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