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Forum Discussion: Whiteheads on Nipple Piercings?

Posted in Piercing News at 9:08 pm by admin

wyldthang95 writes: “I had my nipples pierced some years ago. I had them pierced for a few years when I had to remove them due to being in the hospital for a major surgery. I was in the hospital for some time, and by the time I was well enough to re-insert the nipple ring it had closed. Now I have what I would call two everlasting ‘white heads’ on each side of the nipple where it was pierced. I can squeeze the nipple to get out the gunk but I can never get it all so it always comes back. What can I do to help these ‘white heads’ heal? I’m really concerned because I’m now pregnant and would like to be able to breast feed my baby without having to worry that they will be sucking that gunk in along with my breast milk.”

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