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Forum Discussion: Changing from a Barbell to a CBR

Posted in Piercing News at 8:09 pm by admin

“My wife had her nipples peirced about 6month ago. Despite the pain of the initial piercings and long healing process she tuffed it out. About 3 1/2 months after the piercing she tried to switch from the standard 14g Bar recommended by the piercer to a ring with bead. She said the pain of trying to switch was too intense and had problems getting the curve of a ring through the nipple (it wouldn’t come out the other side) She also still experiences soreness in the nipples from time to time. Any suggestions on what she might be doing wrong?” – Awood23

Blood Thinners and Tattoos

“My mother recently had a heart attack, and is now on blood thinners. She wants to get a tattoo on her ankle. I know that you aren’t supposed to get a tattoo when you have been drinking, and I figured that prescription blood thinners would be the same thing. My mom is determined though. Is there any advice you could give me and my mom about this?” – mandy9r

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