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Forum Discussion: Why Alcohol & Tats Don’t Mix

Posted in Piercing News at 8:09 pm by admin

“Alcohol will thin out your blood and cause you to bleed more. Depends on how much you drank and how long it takes the alcohol to get throughout your system. Excess bleeding can make it much harder to work because the blood will push out the ink… or it can mix in while you’re trying to put the ink in, thinning out the ink and basically ‘watering it down’… which makes it more transparent.

Your clients are also (or should be) signing a contract. Can’t sign a contract if you’re not in your right mind. :/ Drunk people make hasty, impulsive decisions. And yes, they may come back the next day complaining or worse.

Drunk people often don’t sit well. It’s difficult enough to tattoo someone… then add alcohol. They move, can’t stay in one position because they forget, talk with their hands, can’t or won’t listen when you need them to, jump, twist, twitch and this whole time you’re working on them with your fingers two inches away from their BLOODY NEEDLE. 0.0 It’s a big health risk. Just not worth it IMO.

Besides… the only time I can really put up with drunk people is if I’m drunk myself. I can’t stand working on someone and having them breathe alcohol on me the whole time… because sometimes they just have to see what’s going on as close as they can get. Ever try to work on someones arm when they’re trying to see it themselves? Heads and hats get in the way. lol” – Sharptattoos

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