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Community: Auction Held to Benefit Injured Tattoo Artist

Posted in Piercing News at 8:09 pm by admin

For those who don’t know, tattoo artist Johnny Jackson and his wife Annette (Inkaholik – Houston, TX) were in a severe car accident, being hit head on by an 18 wheeler. Like most of us, they are self-employed, so this auction will help with medical costs and living expenses until they recover. Any and all donations would be appreciated. If you can’t donate, go check out the forum posts anyway – you never know there may be something you fall in love with and want to “bid” on!!

Here’s the instructions on how to donate:

Auction will start Today and will end October 1st giving us a good 2 weeks for people to donate items to auction off and people to place bids.

Now for the fun part, everyone that wants to donate an item in the auction simply as to start a thread in this section including the item or thing to auction. Paintings, Antics, Toys, Games… Tattoo Time, all is welcome in this auction.

On October 1st auction will end and all the winning bids will have to be paid via paypal. I will be holding the funds into a specific account and upon reception of the item by the person who won the auction the money will be transfered to Johnny’s paypal account.

Let’s rally together and help out Mr. and Mrs Johnny Jackson, our thoughts and prayers are going to both of them wishing then a quick recovery.
AND here’s the link to go to do it: Help Out Johnny Jackson and Mizuzinkaholik

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