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Body piercing shop wins 2-year reprieve

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If you want to get your ears pierced in downtown Palm Springs, you have two more years to do so.

The Palm Springs Planning Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to allow Fit to be Tyed two more years to continue doing body piercing.

It’s illegal to get your ears, nose, navel or other body parts pierced in downtown Palm Springs.

But for 18 years, Fit to be Tyed has performed body piercings, with no problems.

Until now.

The sunset clause on a 1998 law prohibiting body piercing in downtown has expired and shop owner Norman Freedberg is wondering why the city says he must now desist.

He started piercing at his business four years before the law was implemented. He should be grandfathered in, he said. Body piercing is 50 percent of his business.

“There is nothing negative about it,” Freedberg said. “We are just very good at what we do. I don’t know why it bothers people. They do it everywhere else.”

On Wednesday, the Palm Springs Planning Commission said Freedberg could have two more years to figure out what to do. He will not have another opportunity to extend his request when it expires.

The Planning Commission voted 7-0 to allow Freedberg the time extension. Freedberg paid $881 for the application.

“He has been a good neighbor,” Main Street Palm Springs President Joy Meredith said, adding that she had signatures from other merchants in support of Fit to be Tyed.

Fit to be Tyed has been in business since 1990. The shop at 226 N. Palm Canyon Drive sells clothing, jewelry and decorations. If he is forced to stop body piercing in two years, Freedberg said he will need to close the store.

For now, he has two years to continue operating his store. He also plans to petition the city to enact a new law that would allow body piercing in downtown.

Commissioner Toni Ringlein requested that the city take a look at the current law.


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