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Body Piercing Supplies – What Tools and Needles to Get First

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It is no secret that no matter what industry you are in, you need the right tools for the job. The body piercing arena is no different. There is a wide range of body piercing supplies you will need to make sure you are able to perform all the basic piercing techniques you may be required to do. This article will help you decide the bare body piercing supply essentials required for the job.

When considering what body piercing supplies you want to use, you should consider first and foremost the quality of the piercing tools, needles, and supplies. Beginning with the wholesale piercing needles, you want to look for a tri-bevel edge. This refers to the design of the needle, making it a sharp end to easily go through the skin. The most standard gauges for body piercing needles are 14 gauge and 16 gauge. These would be used for most tongue, navel, eyebrow, lip labret, and nipple piercings. The 18 gauge piercing needle is also very popular as there are many requests for nose rings that require such size piercing needle. Though body piercing needles come in all different gauges, these are the standard ones that should cover you for 90% of the piercing application you may initially do.

The staple of the body piercing supplies is the piercing tool. Body piercing tools come in a wide range for many different applications. You will need to start with some basics such as ring opening pliers and ring closing pliers. These are going to be used for opening and closing captive bead rings, a common piercing used in many different areas of the body. Other important body piercing supplies are hemostat forceps. These are usually locking pliers used to hold jewelry steady and such when doing the piercing. These come in straight and curved varieties; both important body piercing supplies. Forester forceps and pennington forceps are also a must have. You will use these to hold the part of the body being pierced steady while inserting the needle. These body piercing supplies come in slotted and non slotted to allow a space for the tool to be removed once the needle has been inserted. Septum forceps are a strange looking piercing tool with a small tunnel on the end to keep the septum steady and accept the needle that is inserted on one side of the septum through to the other side. There are many more body piercing tools you will eventually find you need or prefer. As you begin doing your piercings, you will have a preference and choose the right piercing tools for you.

Sterilization is an extremely important part of the body piercing supplies line. After all, you are basically doing somewhat of a surgical procedure. Using body piercing gloves is essential to avoid the spread of disease and infection. You will need an autoclave sterilization machine. The basic concept of the autoclave is to sterilize your piercing tools and piercing needles as well as jewelry using very high heat, gas and or steam. You will use sterilization pouches to sterilize your body piercing supplies. Sterilization pouches are envelopes in essence that usually will self seal after the sterilization of your body piercing supplies is complete. They will also usually have a color changing indicator printed on them that will show you a color variation when an item is sterile or not.

All these body piercing supplies will be available through your favorite wholesale body jewelry company on the internet. While you are there, don’t forget to pick up some pre and post piercing aftercare items as you will find that they too are a necessary part of your body piercing supply list.

Though there are many other body piercing supplies you will eventually need, this list should get you started with the basics. Always remember that each piercing job requires the right piercing tool for the job. With these body piercing supplies tips, you should be well underway to an exciting and lucrative body piercing career.

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