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Armour Piercing with Medieval Arrows

Posted in Piercing News at 7:27 am by admin

The modern day debate over whether or not arrows penetrated medieval armour in the 14th and 15th centuries is one that is conducted by those “for” and “against” with almost as much passion as the combatants on the fields of Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt fought during the Hundred Years War. What cannot be ignored by either side is that there are contemporary records from eye witnesses to these battles and others, that record both arrows penetrating plate armour, and of arrows bouncing off. No reasonable person should claim that arrows either always defeated plate, or always glanced off. To do so would be naïve at best. Our video aims neither to prove nor dispel these accounts. It is to be viewed with an open mind and for you to take as you please. All we ask is that you keep in mind the following points: 1. The bows we are shooting are at the lower end of the poundage medieval archers would have used during the period that concerns us. The finds from the wreck of the Mary Rose prove that the medieval longbow used by the military archer, typically referred to as the Warbow, would more likely have been around 120lbs draw weight, and possibly more. 2. The heads on the arrows we are shooting have not been sharpened nor hardened, as was often the case in medieval times. 3. The carbon content of the steel we are shooting at is higher than the average medieval armour, and therefore tougher. 4. The armour of a medieval knight would have been thickest on the breastplate and the

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