Body jewelry

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Body Jewellery – Piercing and Non-piercing Body Jewellery

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Approximately 20 years ago body jewellery was not very famous. Its history is very long. In ancient Egypt, body piercing was only the right of royalties and their families. Pharaohs used belly bars or buttons. No one else was permitted to have it. For Egyptians, body jewellery was a way to enhance the natural beauty of human bodies. Bible also describes this jewellery as a sign of wealth. Some roman warriors also get their nipples pierced to show their strength and man fullness. However 400 years back body-piercing jewellery was restricted except earrings and nose rings.

Different metals are chosen to make this jewellery. Piercing can be on the sensitive and delicate section of the body such as lips and tongue. Materials that used should be sterilized so that it can protect and prevent infections. Numerous common materials like stainless steel, platinum, titanium, niobium and 14k, 18k gold are used to make it. These metals are famous and safe to wear because they are hypoallergenic. Silver jewellery is not good for making body jewellery items because it tarnishes and some times contain nickel that may be allergic for people. That’s why surgical steel is suggested right after piercing because it increases the speed of healing process and decreases the chances of infections.

After the re introduction of this jewellery manufacturers starts producing its different kinds in beautiful modified designs and distinguishing qualities. They delivered large quantity in several markets. The most known categories of this jewellery are lip labrets, nostril ring, earplugs, tongue labrets, eyebrow barbells and nipple rings. With modern, mature and safer techniques of body piercing you can wear body jewellery wherever you want to.

In the past this jewellery was a sign of royals and hip youth, but now it has become a common trend same, like earrings because many celebrities are wearing this jewellery. It can also be judge from the day-by-day increasing number of body piercing jewellery stores. This jewellery is also available in different gems like peridot and topaz. Soon this jewellery will be available in pure 24k gold in and in real diamonds.

Beyond the piercing body jewellery, non-piercing body jewellery is also becoming famous. This looks similar to piercing jewellery but does not make whole in the skin. This jewellery is made with numerous clip and magnet techniques. Body piercing has become the latest trend but it do cause some allergies and infections if not looked after properly. To wear non-piercing jewellery one should not have to pierce his body. Magnets are used to hold jewellery on its place. This jewellery is also available in numerous expensive and inexpensive metals.

Non-piercing jewellery is perfect for those people who want to look pierced but actually they are not. Many common types of non-piercing body jewellery are nipple chains, nipple shields, earrings and handcuff jewellery. While wearing this jewellery one can enjoy all the feelings that he may want with piercing jewellery without having any pain.

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