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Tongue Piercing and Grills May Cause More Damage Than You Think

Posted in Piercing News at 12:27 am by admin

A year ago Joe Brown had his tongue pierced and grills put on his teeth, his reason for getting such oral appliances is that he decided to do it because some friends of his decided to do it and he thought it would be fun.  Looking back he says that he never even thought about the side effects that getting his tongue pierced and grills installed would bring about.

According to Joe a day after he got his tongue pierced she started to notice severe inflammation and pain in the tongue tissue, because of the grills they got tar buildup on his teeth and the amount of saliva that he would produce interfered with his speech. On top of that, because this was the first time he had a tongue piercing he kept on playing around with this oral appliance onto one day he got stuck between his front teeth and while trying to pull it out you broken half of one of his teeth.

According to a survey given to general dentists, these type of problems are becoming more and more common amongst teenagers and young adults who for some reason believe that having a tongue piercing or grills will dramatically improve their aesthetic appearance.  Not only is it becoming more common amongst young adults to have piercing and grills but the disease is in side effects that such appliances cause are also becoming more common, periodontal disease and tooth decay are just some of the side effects experienced by people who have had oral piercings or wear dental grills.

According to dental hygienists and specialists, tongue piercing is a dangerous practice because certain types of bacteria are forcefully introduced into a person’s body through the bloodstream, wounds which result as a side effect to tongue piercing may cause irritation and inflammation of this tissue which may prevent a person from eating in communicating in a normal way with others, not to mention that the bacteria which is introduced to the bloodstream will travel across the body and may cause severe complications.  Most people who have decided to have a tongue piercing have experienced an allergic reaction to the metal.

Dentists recommend that if such oral fixtures are to be used, they should not be worn for an extended period of time; this is in reference to dental grills exclusively, when it comes to piercings a highly recommend not to get them in the tongue because the little cosmetic “enhancements” are simply not worth the pain and complications they cause.

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