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A Piercing Story

Posted in Piercing News at 12:27 pm by admin

That padded chair with black lace and leather skin is the scariest part of the entire process. Looking it dead in what I pretend to be its eye, I turn around and force my butt into it. Holding back a cheer I look Jesse in the earlobe. I can’t help it, it is huge. He looks at me and I almost yelp a bit. There is a needle on the desk…A HUGE needle on his desk.

A piercing never starts in the studio, it starts in your head. Or in my case, on the internet. I had just got my earlobe pierced and was craving more. I searched in my area for piercing artists and Jesse came up as the best. I fell in love with one of his specialties. The custom industrial. Basically he takes a small barbell, bends it into a squiggly line and shoves it into the top half of your ear.

I book the appointment, I had no idea what I was about to experience.

I walk into his piercing studio. I start to sweat as the nice lady at the counter gives me a form and tells me to fill it out. I’m so nervous the pen is shaking. After finishing Jesse comes out and takes a quick look at it “you messed up this and that.”. I was so nervous I said I was born in 2007. I look at the man who is about to shove a squiggly bar into my ear and I suddenly feel safe. My heart slows down, my lungs stop burning, I am suddenly able to speak again. Not because he was professional looking, or looked experienced. It was the fact that I could very easily stick my entire hand (or a coffee mug) into his earlobe if I asked him really nice. This heavily modified man walks me into the piercing room and puts on his gloves.

The first 10 minutes of the experience was exhilarating. I was sitting in that big comfy chair as he explained all the after care stuff I would have to do. An industrial piercing is considered one of the worst for healing. I would have to clean it twice a day for over a year. In that one year time I wouldn’t be able to sleep on that side of my head, I wouldn’t be able to wear certain hats and I could never, EVER touch it. He then took out all the stuff he is going to use, gloves, baggy of sharp looking things and turned on the radio. He put some kind of random chemical onto my ear and started the fun process of measuring.

He takes out the most useful thing a piercer can ever own, his Pen. He starts making random looking marks and measurements on my ear. This is the reason I payed 90 bucks for the procedure. I payed 90 bucks to have this guy measure my ear, bend a bar into a squiggly line and shove a needle into my body. He put the pen down, unwrapped the needle and other tools he would use than changed his gloves. This was THE moment. Finally he was going to do exactly what I asked him to do.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath in and focused on some random buhddist mantras that did nothing to stop it from coming. He then told me I might feel some pressure.

I held onto that chair for dear life. I kicked my leg out and bit my lip so hard I could of sworn it was going to bleed. Not only was it pain, it felt hot, like a hand drying machine times ten on just my ear. He teased me, mentioning the whole “almost done, now just a little more pressure” line. That was the understatement of the week. Like saying having an orgasm feels kind of okay.

I wanted to scream at him, swear, cut, maim his body as he maimed mine. I was sweating and crunching up my face so much I thought it would fall off. Then it was over. He put the squiggly line into my ear and smiled. I knew before I looked into the mirror of awesomeness that my ear was going to be very red. Like a cherry that has been squashed onto the road. It was the heat that told me. I always felt the same way when I was embarrassed.

I looked at Jesse, all my anger vanquished, extinguished like a light saber. This is one of the most painful piercing I have ever gotten, its going to be crappy to heal, probably hurt a lot if I touch it with anything and I might get fired from my job because of it….It is worth it.

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