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Wholesale Piercing

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The demand for wholesale piercing jewelry has been increasing with an increasing popularity of body piercing. While some people get their body pierced for religious or cultural reasons, others do it simply to look cool.

Wholesale Piercing: Different Forms of Piercing

The art of piercing is known differently in different cultures. The modern culture too gives its own names like “Chrome Crawford” for labret piercing. Most piercing, however, are named after the body part that they adorn.

Antitragus: The piercing in the ear, opposite the tragus is called antitragus. Barbells are the most common antitragus piercing jewelry. Piercing of the ear started as a repercussion of the belief among many cultures that the devil could enter one’s body through the ears. The metal worn in the piercing was believed to ward off the evil spirits.

Bridge: Piercing between the eyes, at the bridge of the nose is called bridge piercing. Barbells with beads at each end are generally worn in bridge piercing.

Conch: When the innermost part of the ear that is concave in shape and contains the ridge of the cartilage is pierced, it is called conch piercing. Closure rings or captive bead rings can be worn in this piercing.

Labret: Piercing above the chin and lying exactly midway beneath the lower lip is called labret piercing. Barbells are commonly worn in labret piercings. The high-class Aztecs and Mayan males had labret piercing. In African tribes, labret piercing was associated with religious beliefs.

Septum: Piercing in the partition (septum) of the nose, between the nostrils is called septum piercing. Rings are the most commonly worn septum piercing ornaments. Septum piercing was widespread among the ancient warrior tribes. The Aztecs, the Incas and the Mayans wore a variety of septum piercing jewelry.

Wholesale Piercing: A “New” Market

While jewelry has been traditionally associated with the fair sex, men’s niche body jewelry is also fast gaining popularity. Be it Brad Pitt’s steel bracelet, Benji Madden’s facial piercings or Billie Joe Martin’s nostril and tongue piercing, all have a huge fan following. Today, popular wholesale piercing jewelry for men comprises anodized ‘flesh tunnels,’ steel labrets, bracelets, segment and cutting rings in a variety of styles.

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